Ever since I started raising voice against the injustice done on majority, I am being categorized as communal.

I am secular & enlightened till the time I speak against Gujarat riots, Dadri incident, Muzaffarnagar riots. But I am communal if I support issue of #KashmiriPandits who are leading a despondent life since decades, I am communal if I question about the murder of #PrashantPoojary, I am communal if I raise voice against #Maldariots where situation is pathetic & tense presently.

Nobody is calling those people communal who are openly condemning singing the National Anthem anti religion but I am communal if I support Sanskrit to be a part of school curriculum because it is the only medium to understand our more than 5000 year old history.

Is it me who is being apathetic to communal distortions prevailing in country or is it media who is being ignorant & selective in covering injustice happening in the country. Media & politicians are demarcating the issues on the basis of groups. Media may be subjugated by some political parties or may be influenced by monetary benefits, media houses know it better.

Fortunately or unfortunately I am born as a Hindu (these days so called communal or Modibhakts or RSS supporters) Kindly pay special attention, being Hindu does not mean that I am against other communities or belief system. I respect other communities, there faith, the same way as I respect mine and neither have any interest in vehemently imposing my ideologies on other communities. But if I am being attacked due to my principles & ideologies & still being unheard by the media or the government I HAVE A PROBLEM.

This article is not at all an attacking weapon towards anyone, it’s my defensive approach to elevate the distresses which need immediate attention from the country. Major media channels are tight lipped on current Malda riots. Why? No discussion of Prashant Poojary’s death. Why? Kashmiri Pandits not being covered by media channels. Why? No highlighting of Maulvis issuing fatwa against Muslim headmaster in Kolkata, calling the National Anthem a ‘sacrilege’ and ‘a Hindutva song’. Why?

I am not writing this article to express hatred towards any community and nor to build some communal rift in the country. I am writing this article to highlight my individual selfish apprehension, if in future, something wrong similar to Malda riots, Issue of Kashmiri Pandits happen with me and my family then our voices will be left unheard by media & government because I am a Hindu, majority. I don’t want this to happen to me.

I have equal sympathy with the family of Akhlaq as I have with Poojary’s family, it is this elite class of journalists & politicians who are insensitive towards different issues on the basis of religion. They are keeping their own interest above National interest. It’s not me who is communal it’s MEDIA & POLITICIANS WHO ARE COMMUNAL.



“Intolerance” BIZZ Word

After few days of hiding in my shell due to intolerance shown by Bangalore weather, I stepped out to buy grocery & also to assess how is city life on the roads…everything appeared to be normal. I came back home & called my mother in UP how are things at home, in city, she said I am busy shopping for your sister’s wedding. There is so much of work & bla bla… every mom’s story of complaining about price rise…OK, things seem to be good at my place. Other day, I called my mother –in-law in Rajasthan and asked how are things & how is the city. she said everything is good. I just came back from a family function in Delhi, then I asked how is Delhi, she asked what happened to Delhi… I was bit mystified that everyone is busy attending functions, shopping, nobody is bothered about their safety & growing fanaticism as stated by Indian media.

What is Indian media talking about? Aamir Khan & SRK, buckled up with great security, in fact Aamir Khan has a 10 crore bullet proof car so why is his wife worried about her family security, when we commoners are leading a steady life. Why is Indian media going pugnacious over “intolerance” & depicting India as a place which seem to be perilous for outside world.

Then I comprehended that these days even I have stopped watching movies & entertainment shows on TV, in fact, being a conscious & concerned Indian citizen, I am sticking around with news channels debates, politicians & celebrities’ opinions about the present scenario of the country. My brain is imbibing what news channels are saying.

The complete story is “INTOLERANCE” is just not the buzz word but it’s a BIZZ word, it’s a money minting term in current situation.

At the ground level, I want to ask common people like me what difference we have faced in last few months apart from price rise, no denying the fact, Increasing Dal prices & onion prices is an intolerant part.

Media is hyping like government has given a shoot at sight order & curfew like situations are prevailing everywhere. May be Govt need to declare a state of emergency, Media freedom is about to be curbed.  I hope media houses remember the freedom of speech in 1975 emergency. People are speaking their mind more openly but it become intolerant only if any of the politician, celebrity or a commoner differ from this MEDIA HALLMARKED STATEMENT of “India becoming Intolerant”. Media houses are busy bloating up the issues for their own business benefits & personal grudges against the central govt. Media is leaving no stone unturned to play this grey business gimmick & least bothered about the stability & development of the country. Media need to be responsible enough because their prime time news have an upshot over the stabilization & destabilization of the country.

Media should stop being a protagonist of the hour & cover things that maintain the harmony of the country & depict a better picture to the world. It’s not that rapes, murders have not happened in the past but there is so much of hue & cry only in the last few months,  Media is the big GUNDA at this point of time who can wash black stains & paint picture white or vice-versa. Media is the SHASTRA these days to govern masses.  I am not saying that bad things should not be unearthed but redundant statements by celebrities need not be highlighted & ballooned out of the way.

Dear media personnel if you are going gaga about intolerance then I don’t think such freedom of expression which India has given to each & every individual of this secular & democratic country is present anywhere in the world. You so called elite brigade of reporters may have done some justice to your journalism by behaving more responsibly.

Lucy: Movie encircling Sanatan Dharma Concepts

This blog is explicitly a realization for Indian genre who enjoyed watching movie Lucy but still feel alienated from our core concepts of Hinduism, in fact, Sanatan Dharma. However, I am myself a layman to understand the deep secrets of Vedas & Upanishads but still I have tried to give that gigantic knowledge few words in context with the movie, for us to be proud of what we have & if not thought upon now what we may lose.

Luc Besson may have embraced or was stimulated from western cosmology notion to write & direct movie Lucy. But these all concepts have their description in our more than 5000-year-old scriptures of Vedas & Upanishads in form of Purusha (cosmic man) & Prakriti (nature), in form of Absolute Reality called Brahman. When the protagonist of movie Lucy achieves 100% cerebral utilization, she disintegrates in all dimension of universe which as per our Vedas & Upanishads is receiving complete knowledge of Atman & Brahman & thereby getting Liberation or Moksha.

Movie started with the concept of excess intake of synthetic drug CPH4 by Lucy which is otherwise naturally secreted by woman during pregnancy in small quantity thus helping in the development of a life inside mother’s womb. Due to this, Lucy experiences increased mental & physical capabilities like telepathy, telekinesis, no discomfort, mental-time travel. These all skills have been explicated in many of our smritis (sacred books) with our sages(Rishi, Munis) who used to accomplish that state by meditating & practicing yoga for many years. Yoga Sutras has indicated that Yoga philosophy has been the fundamental for achieving, physical, mental & spiritual realization of one-self.

“I don’t feel pain, fear, desire. It’s like all things that make us human are fading away. It’s like the less human I feel, all this knowledge about everything, quantum physics, applied mathematics, the infinite capacity of the cell’s nucleus, they’re all exploding inside my brain.”

“We humans are more concerned with having than with being”

  In Advaita Vedanta it has been described to destroy one’s tendencies (vaasanas) before real insight(anubhav) can be attained that is when self-realization knowledge destroys Maya, the illusory appearances which cover the Real truth.

“Brahma Satyam Jagan Mithya Jivo Brahmaiva Na Aparah”

Supreme power is real; world is illusion & Individual is none other than supreme power.

Bhagwat Geeta is the abstract knowledge from Vedas & Upanishads whose verses describes the real truth of life. Therein, they have explained, liberation is achieved when you leave behind this attachment & emotion.

“Yam hi na vyathantyate purusham purusharshabh

Sama dukham-sukham dhiram mratatvaya kalpate”

The Intelligent being who leave behind this web of tendencies, attachments, emotions, he is liberated from this life-birth cycle.

  “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge”.

 Avidya (nescience) blinds us which brings in all anarchy which stipulates physio-mental alignment of a being. To seek true knowledge, one need to follow a path of self-realization.

“We never really Die”

  Jeev jagat & Ishwar are in one-self; this concept of death is just an illusion which is a result of our ignorance to understand who we are. Death & birth are stages of this illusionary life but the truth is self-consciousness.

“Antavantaime nityasyoktah sharirinah”

Soul is infinity, it cannot be destroyed

“Be immortal, or to reproduce”

 Concept of Atma & Anatma :

Atma: inner self which is pious & not a part of Jeevan mrityu chakra that is immortal.

Anatma: human being who is stuck in this Jeevan mrityu chakra & get attached to his identity which is not the real identity of self,  it is  deceptive(mithya) & is meant to reproduce.

“Nasato vidhyate bhavo nabhavo vidhyate satah”

Which is not truth is destroyable & truth is infinity (anant)

 “Where is she?” cellphone answers “I am everywhere”

 “sarvatah pani-padam tat sarvato ’ksi-siro-mukham sarvatah shrutimal loke sarvam avrtya tishthati”

Supreme Power is everywhere and in everyone. In this way the Super Soul exists, pervading everything in this world.

“Brahmyyvedammritam purustat brahm paschat brahm uttarto dakshintschotaren

Adhschodharva ch  prasartam brahmvaidam vishwmidam varishtham “

I am in the east & the west, I am above & below, I am this entire world

  “Time is the only true unit of measure, it gives proof to the existence of matter, without time, we don’t exist.”

 According to the Advaita philosophy, this world we live in, the space as well as time is a projection of your consciousness or your awareness


I am not a spiritual writer neither I have extensive knowledge over Hindu scriptures but I just wrote what I felt connected with & we people need to realize the importance of this immense traditional knowledge.

This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge, and because it gives direct perception of the self by realization, it is the perfection of religion. It is everlasting, and it is joyfully performed.

Why Azure as cloud service provider ??

Azure is color BLUE, synonymous to SKY. I suppose that is the reason why Microsoft choose this as the name of their cloud services. Being my first blog Kindly excuse me for not being on the ridge of fineness.

This blog contains comprehensive points on where Azure has an advantage over other cloud service providers. There are many cloud services in market, which cloud service to go for is the first question that is the point of discussion for any company who is planning for migration from on-premise to cloud.

I am just highlighting five important & distinctive features of Azure over other cloud service providers.

  • Hybrid Architecture: Microsoft hold a more credible position if any company is looking forward to keep application running both on-premise & on cloud. Azure allows part of application to be on-premise & facilitating seamless interface with plugins or applications running on cloud. Building a hybrid architecture can save a lot of investment in buying new servers & software licenses
  • Licensing Mobility : The best part is you can deploy existing  Microsoft software licenses under Software Assurance on Azure  eliminating the need to buy new licenses or paying mobility fee.
  • AD Connect: Federated login or single sign on is the icing provided by Microsoft to its customers by syncing on-premise Active directory with Azure Active directory.
  • VM Migration: VM migration is quite easy in Azure as many of the private data centers have Hyper-V running which gives an edge over others on easily moving the applications to azure cloud which is also working on Windows server & hyper-v platform.
  • Similar Tool set: Azure uses similar development & management tools like System Center, SQL Manager & Visual studio. This gives an integrated environment both on-premise & azure.
Azure Cloud Offerings in comparison to its competitors
Azure Distinctive Cloud Offerings